We tried something different with packaging

We tried something different with packaging

A fifth of our waste is packaging, that is 5 million tonnes of household packaging waste in the UK every year. We have thought hard about this and we wanted to do things differently. Although Bumi Botanicals is a luxuries brand, we wanted to spend more money on our magical botanicals, and eliminate unnecessary packaging.

Our ingredients are high quality, cold pressed and organic – this makes them expensive! We wanted to spend more money on the actual product and cut out cost on things that would end up going in the recycling bin. This way you get the best out of your money and our products.

 And so…. Our all in one mailer box is born! Our beautiful mailer boxes are made using 75% recycled materials, and are 100% recyclable. We cut out unnecessary packaging so all the relevant information are all on the mailer box, this allowed us to cut the packaging that you would usually get with other brands. We are also proudly made in the UK.

Our minimalist bottles are completely recyclable, we ensure no stickers are used to make recycling easier for everyone.

Be Present with Bumi

When using our products, we hope for everyone to take some time to be present.

You don’t need to retreat to an expensive holiday retreat to discover the miracle of mindfulness. Whether it’s learning to focus on your breathing, savoring every bite you eat or becoming truly attentive to your feelings, mindfulness is a practice rooted in everyday life. All it takes is a little commitment and training.

The benefit - Emotional balance, more self-worth and less suffering, for starters. Even better, it’ll teach you to savor those small moments of calm and pleasure that make all the difference on a stressful day.